Saturday, August 30, 2008

How did Barkley Square get started?

My husband, Adam, and I got Bentley a golden retreiver (puppy at the time) in June of 2006. We were both teachers so we spent our summer off raising Bentley. We assumed by the time school started again Bentley would be well trained and could stay home as long as we walked him twice a day. What we discovered is our golden had tons of energy, loved people and loved playing with dogs. We soon realized that with our busy schedules we needed help in taking care of Bentley which is when we found out about doggy day care. We loved that Bentley got to play all day while we were at work and that we could check in on him through the web-cam. Soon after we started taking Bentley in for day care, Adam came home and said “We should make our own dog day care”. Adam began looking for facilities that could accomadate our needs-we started construction in January of 2007 and opened in March of 2007. At the time of opening Adam and I were both still working full time as teachers (don’t ask how we did it all). Adam has been working full time at Barkley Square since the summer of 2007. I still teach chemistry and biology but can be found full time at Barkley Square during summer and winter breaks as well as weekends and other random holidays. If you have not been to Barkley Square yet we encourage you to check out our web page and come stop by for a visit!

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