Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top dog names

Here at Barkley Square we are amazed at how many dogs come in with the same name. We thought we'd compile a list of the top names (according to our records) - see if your dog or puppy's name is here: Buddy, Max, Coco, Mocha, Molly, Sadie, Sam/Sammy, Sparky and Zoe. And the top two most popular dog names are .... Bella and Charlie

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Just a quick message from those of us here at Barkley square - Happy Holidays. We'll be busy with dogs boarding and day care over the holidays but rest assure we'll have some down time too!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

All the comforts of home

Here at Barkley Square we pride ourselves in offering all the amenities that your dog would have at home. This includes (but not limited to) - comfortable couches, beds, fresh water, fun toys, socialized playmates, a large outdoor yard, two large indoors rooms, a chance to be held (for the small dogs) and of course lots of pets and praise. We want your dog to feel comfortable while staying with us and excited to come back to Barkley Square. Come on by and meet our current guests and to see our facility.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The benefits of group play for dogs

Does my dog need to socialize? This is a common question we are asked at Barkley Square. And this is why we are different than your standard kennel or pet sitter. Here at Barkley Square you dog will be put into a room (or area) with dogs that have similar temperaments and desires to play. Giving your dog the opportunity to play with other dogs allows them entertainment and fun. It is a great alternative to leaving them home alone as they will be stimulated all day in a safe environment. Still not sure? Check out our pet cams and see how much fun the dogs are having!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What will I do with my dog for the holidays?

Traveling or having guests over at your house? Wondering where your dog can go to have fun while you are busy entertaining and celebrating? Bring your dog over to Barkley square. We offer overnight and day care everyday. During the holiday season things get even more fun! Someone is with the dogs 24 hours a day so rest assure your canine companion will be well looked over. But remember to book your visit early as we do fill up!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween with my dog?

Around this time of year some dog owners wonder - should I get my dog a costume for Halloween? I say why not! Halloween is viewed as a fun holiday to get dressed up, why not include your dog in the action - just make sure your furry friend does not get into the human candy. If you want to share treats with your dog stick to ones made from them. Also when choosing a costume keep in mind mobility of the dog and keep an eye on all parts of the costume (it would be a bummer to have your dog chew up and swallow part of the costume). Last year I dressed Bentley up as a "ghost" and even took him trick or treating in downtown willow glen. "Gussied up" hosted a dog Halloween costume walk and even passed out treats for the furry ones. It was quite an event and if you have time I say go check it out to spectate and/or participate in!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's a typical day like at Barkley Square?

Another popular question we get from new clients and friends is, "What do the dogs do during a typical day care day at Barkley Square?" In general this is what a day looks like - dogs arrive between 6:30am-9am. Dogs are usually separated into small and big dog areas while they play with each other, run around and check things out. When a new dog is brought in there is an short introduction phase when the current "pack" welcomes the new dog. Throughout the morning the large and small dog groups take turns being in the outside play area and one of the indoor areas. Around noon dogs that brought lunch are served lunch while the other dogs practice their training skills (sit, down, stay) with training treats. Then around 1pm the dogs settle down for an afternoon nap. Next, around 2 or 3pm the dogs get a second wind - more playing and running around. As dogs start getting picked up (starting around 4:30pm) the large and small dogs are often merged allowing socialization with a larger variety of dogs. Dinner is served at 6pm (for the dogs that are boarding or who have brought dinner) and then we close up the day care at 7:30pm.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Does my dog need dog day care?

One of the most common questions we get at Barkley Square is, "Why should I bring my dog to dog daycare?" Well, dogs are very similar to people and they like contact with others (dogs and people). While at day care dogs are free to roam around, play with their friends, run in circles, chase a ball, play in a swimming pool or just lounge in a dog bed. Dog day care allows dogs to be entertained, stimulated and most important socialized. For those dogs that get into mischief while at home (chewing up the furniture, rearranging the items on your coffee table, getting into the cupboards, etc) then dog day care is the answer! Your dog will have fun, be supervised and be in a climate controlled area (we have air condition and heat in all areas). Does this all sound like an environment your dog would enjoy? If so give us a call or stop on by to check out Barkley Square. Still unsure - check our doggie cam (web cams) and see our current guests in action!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How did Barkley Square get started?

My husband, Adam, and I got Bentley a golden retreiver (puppy at the time) in June of 2006. We were both teachers so we spent our summer off raising Bentley. We assumed by the time school started again Bentley would be well trained and could stay home as long as we walked him twice a day. What we discovered is our golden had tons of energy, loved people and loved playing with dogs. We soon realized that with our busy schedules we needed help in taking care of Bentley which is when we found out about doggy day care. We loved that Bentley got to play all day while we were at work and that we could check in on him through the web-cam. Soon after we started taking Bentley in for day care, Adam came home and said “We should make our own dog day care”. Adam began looking for facilities that could accomadate our needs-we started construction in January of 2007 and opened in March of 2007. At the time of opening Adam and I were both still working full time as teachers (don’t ask how we did it all). Adam has been working full time at Barkley Square since the summer of 2007. I still teach chemistry and biology but can be found full time at Barkley Square during summer and winter breaks as well as weekends and other random holidays. If you have not been to Barkley Square yet we encourage you to check out our web page and come stop by for a visit!


I am one of the owners at Barkley Square in Milpitas. We offer dog daycare, dog boarding, dog grooming and dog training at Barkley Square. I am starting a blog to post answers to some common questions we get at Barkley Square as well as to share some funny moments that we have experienced. Enjoy!