Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new year brings new dogs

Now that it is 2009, some people will decide - this is the year we'll get a dog. I strongly encourage everybody to get a dog but I also suggest lots of research and time to think about what the best breed for you (and your family) is. In addition to researching on the internet and books you may find it helpful to come into Barkley Square and check out the dogs that are visiting. We all have been around a lot of different breeds and can help guide you in the right direction into a breed that may work best for your needs. Choosing the right dog is an important process as you'll have your new addition for many years to come.
FYI - The picture I have posted is of Barkley Square's newest dog, Carmelita - she is just a couple of months old an despite her small size she has tons of energy.

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