Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's a typical day like at Barkley Square?

Another popular question we get from new clients and friends is, "What do the dogs do during a typical day care day at Barkley Square?" In general this is what a day looks like - dogs arrive between 6:30am-9am. Dogs are usually separated into small and big dog areas while they play with each other, run around and check things out. When a new dog is brought in there is an short introduction phase when the current "pack" welcomes the new dog. Throughout the morning the large and small dog groups take turns being in the outside play area and one of the indoor areas. Around noon dogs that brought lunch are served lunch while the other dogs practice their training skills (sit, down, stay) with training treats. Then around 1pm the dogs settle down for an afternoon nap. Next, around 2 or 3pm the dogs get a second wind - more playing and running around. As dogs start getting picked up (starting around 4:30pm) the large and small dogs are often merged allowing socialization with a larger variety of dogs. Dinner is served at 6pm (for the dogs that are boarding or who have brought dinner) and then we close up the day care at 7:30pm.

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