Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween with my dog?

Around this time of year some dog owners wonder - should I get my dog a costume for Halloween? I say why not! Halloween is viewed as a fun holiday to get dressed up, why not include your dog in the action - just make sure your furry friend does not get into the human candy. If you want to share treats with your dog stick to ones made from them. Also when choosing a costume keep in mind mobility of the dog and keep an eye on all parts of the costume (it would be a bummer to have your dog chew up and swallow part of the costume). Last year I dressed Bentley up as a "ghost" and even took him trick or treating in downtown willow glen. "Gussied up" hosted a dog Halloween costume walk and even passed out treats for the furry ones. It was quite an event and if you have time I say go check it out to spectate and/or participate in!

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